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Sporting Rec League Health & Safety Guidelines

Sporting Kansas City has created these health and safety guidelines for the Sporting Recreational League. All participants will be required to abide by the following guidelines in order to prioritize and maintain the health and safety of all participants, families, coaches and staff.

Health & Safety Guideline Contents:

  1. Before Activities
  2. During Activities
  3. After Activities




  • If the participant or accompanying family member(s) has a temperature above 100.4 degrees, persistent cough, or other indications of illness, please do not leave your home.
  • Everyone who plans to be at the facility is encouraged to wash hands with soap and water before and after each practice and game 
  • All players should have their own individual water bottle/container with their name on it.
  • Please avoid carpooling with other participants from other households, if possible.
  • Please bring a face covering and wear it upon entering the facility. Masks will be required for everyone. Local government exclusions will be honored.
  • Be aware of all travel-related quarantine mandates if you travel from out of state.


  • Players should leave their car ready to play upon arrival. Please put on shoes/cleats to avoid having unnecessary belongings in the playing area.
  • Everyone must wear a mask. Including players when entering and exiting the facility. Local government exclusions will be honored.
  • Please maintain a six-foot distance from others whenever possible.
  • On gamedays, everyone will be encouraged to stop at designated sanitation stations to disinfect their hands. 



  • Masks are recommended for participants during activity but not mandatory.
  • Masks are required for all non-players. Including coaches throughout each practice and game in its entirety. Local government exclusions will be honored.
  • Please maintain a six-foot distance from others whenever possible. When unable to social distance, all individuals are required to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth when enter the practice facilities or game complexes. 
  • No handshakes, fist bumps, group celebrations, huddles or small group gatherings will be permitted. Please let your child know this rule before arrival. 
  • Coaches have permission to send a participant home if they act, look, or feel sick.
  • Participants should have their own individual equipment (ball, water, bag, etc.).
  • Only coaches should touch goals, cones, and other equipment during practice and games.
  • Family members are restricted from entering the area of play at any time. Families are permitted to observe from outside the area of play, as designated by Sporting Recreation League, as long as they maintain social distancing from other observers. Parents are strongly encouraged to remain in their vehicles for the duration of each practice.
  • Vulnerable populations should be asked to stay home.
  • During games, kick-ins will replace throw-ins for all grades.  Kick-ins will be treated as an indirect kick.



Following any Sporting Recreation League activity, players will be directed by the coaches on how and when to depart the field.

  • Participants should put their masks on at the conclusion of practice and games.  
  • Upon exiting the field players should sanitize their hands.
  • Players/families should go directly to their car upon using sanitizer. Please avoid extended time in the facility after your activity ends.
  • All family members in attendance are encouraged to wash your hands with soap and water as soon as the opportunity presents itself.